Yes….I have been called a stalker! Ever since I became totally obsessed with the work of Stormie Mills. And guess what….that stalking got me two weeks with the man himself…sitting right there in my room…watching him draw and paint in preparation for his 2011 Perth show at Linton and Kay. Totally love his work!! I can honestly say I don’t mind stalking if it gets me quality time with Stormie….this experience was a great honour!


So who am I stalking now….well…  I am sharing the passion….I’m feeling it for the seductive and lush work of Miik Green…love the Sexy Blobs -with the resin so saucy and raunchy you could lick those surfaces………

……..and Alister Yiap‘s  jewellery is hot hot hot….so conceptual , playful and theatrical ……..

Check out Stormie’s latest mural in perth WA –

Jaybo Monk is pure chaos!! These are a few of my favourite artworks…..

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