Last Friday night was the opening of our first group exhibition – C.O.N.S.T.R.U.C.K. at Heathcote Museum and Gallery, Applecross, Perth. The show was warmly and officially opened by Genevie Baker, Arts Consultant at the CEO to a room full of interested art patrons, family and friends. It was wonderful to feel the support and exuberance of our guests as they sipped wine and viewed the many artworks. Jaye Quin showcased her beautifully hand crafted books – playfully constructed with exotic materials, lush furs and quirky objects, Jan Withers has dabbled with exquisite dark jewellery, text, paint and hauntingly beautiful silhouettes, Arianne Flora has juxtaposed stitch with traditional drawing threading links that toy with hands, faces and tapes, Naomi Byrne has us spinning around with digital prints we can help but fall in love with and me…well, I have put my hard hat on and explored the construction site – converting concrete cores into candles that never burn, paint cans that are crushed with emotion and arches that take us back to nostalgic moments.

The exhibition runs until 1st July, 2012. Be sure not to miss it ……. strangely enough if you research the gallery location and it’s original use, you might find there’s just some madness behind it all!!




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