Jodee Knowles

The art of Jodee Knowles fascinates me…… her perplexed, melancholic figures invite you into their quiet space to sit reflectively with them in a clashing environment of emotion, pattern and confusing spatial relationships. Knowles’ characters often morph magically and appear weightless in the snapshot moment. Striking electric eyes and expressive faces gaze outwards and search soulfully for your attention…..almost as if they are trapped in a scientific experiment.

We travel from exquisitely detailed faces which fascinate and lure, to the more sombre zones of flattened, repeat patterns, saturated in bright hues…….which appear to drape or nurture the figure like a blanket. These stark contrasts are reminiscent of artists, Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele, who like Knowles, are also two of my favourite artists. Knowles’ adaptation of these styles is secretively suggestive, yet applied with respect and in true Knowles command, she transports these unique techniques back into this century. Her figures narrate their own personal stories, heightening the importance of the passage of time, leaving us mesmerised. Some are comedies…..whilst others are tragedies.

Knowles has successfully stamped the art world with her signature style, featuring in numerous exhibitions both in LA and Sydney. Jodee Knowles is certainly hot property….. one of her greatest fans – pop star Pink, who has purchased several of Knowles’ artworks. Here in Perth, Margaret River Gallery, LK Galleries and Studio 281 stock and host Knowles’ exhibitions. Her murals grace many urban spaces in the city including the old Artrage Building, Northbridge, Williams Lane, cnr Milligan and Roe Streets and more recently Studio 281, Maylands.

And now for the greatest news…… I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with THE Jodee Knowles, when in 2013 she collaborates with our students in a two-week residency at Santa Maria College. To celebrate this, we have purchased one of Knowles’ artworks (below) that will become part of the permanent art collection. 2013 is certainly shaping out to be a very exciting year for me……as I will also work alongside the amazing Anya Brock….but I will blog more about Anya later!

And yes…..I’m proud to say…. Jodee Knowles is my latest stalk!!

Jodee Knowles
Photograph – Lisa Bowden


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