Kingbrown Perth Launch

Last Friday night I attended the King Brown launch at the Butcher Shop in Northbridge. If you missed the opening on Friday night, the show is up until Sunday 16 September…’s definitely worth a look!
The exhibition includes many artists from Kingbrown magazine such as TwoOne, Creepy, Ian Mutch, Yok, Daek, Sean Morris and Beastman. It’s an eclectic mix of artworks that pays homage to the humble and iconic King Brown… favourite art was definitely that of Ian Mutch. His imagery is infectious, inviting us into a world that has us searching for images within images. We become drawn to the impeccable detail and scale and entertained by the humorous characters and goings on. I loved Ian’s work so much I wanted to buy this great piece below…but before I could even blink…it was snapped up by another Mutch fan ;-((….. I suppose the sign says it all!

Nevertheless, I settled for this equally impressive print…… can’t wait to pick it up!!

The once dark Williams Lane offered more art for us to check out…we strolled along the lane heading back toward the city, stumbling across two great spots – The Mechanics Institute Small Bar, a very new and groovy drinking hole that was buzzing. It’s clever architectural design takes us up closer to the perth sky as we ascend from one level to another. In spots, you get a spectacular view of the city!……and at it’s entrance below, surrounding wall space surfaced with the amazing art of Kyle Hughes-Odgers……street art and light boxes that provided a mini gallery experience as we waited in line to get into The Mechanics Institute. So great to see Lisa Scaffidi pumping life back into the once lonely laneways! Here are some pics of Kyle’s art, albeit the photos aren’t great quality….and it’s a shame about the tagging!

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