Jason Bard Yarmosky

Who is my latest stalk?? … not only heavenly adorable and asethetically pleasing on the eye but an incredibly talented artist – Jason Bard Yarmosky. His works explore the idea of ageing…. scary to admit, but it’s now becoming more a part of my thinking these days …..His grandparents the main subjects of most of his work, willingly become the protagonists who relive their childhood dreams and fantasies, but in amongst this we see the road they have travelled as partners, best friends and lovers and even time has not defeated their energy or zest for life. Both my grandparents and parents have always always been of the greatest inspiration for me – their ambition, amazing work ethic, appreciation of others, respect, great sense of humour and true love for each other are qualities I see in Yarmosky’s art and I love it!! In some ways I see my own family in his works – like the characters in his art, their youthfulness remains strong. There is a great sense of nostaglia captured in each of his paintings and whilst these colourful costumes in combination with the characters appear a little quirky, it sets off the drifting mind reminding us we should always listen to our inner child.  Below are some of Yarmosky’s artworks. These images were derived from Yarmosky’s website –  http://www.jasonyarmosky.comImage

…… PS told you he was cute!!






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