Excess Baggage …. we all have it!!

…….And we displayed it all at our Excess Baggage exhibition opening Friday 10 January. There were wooden crates, trunks, retro suitcases, nostalgic boxes and unique art lining the space with suggested notions of weight bearing ideas, thoughts, burdens, new year resolutions and ambitions. Guests arrived eagerly regardless of the heat and filled the beautiful Moore Building Contemporary Art Space quickly. Many snapped up artworks early in the evening and then went on to enjoy delectable bread, dips and dukkah, generously supplied by Bread in Common! Thanks guys!!

The art kept the patrons captive, drinks were flowing fast, served by our wonderful ‘air hostesses with the mostesses’ and the sales desk was under the pump all night. A pleasing, yet surprising night for me personally selling nearly all of my work on opening night! Thank you to all who purchased my work or even just became a fan….. I now have a few commissions on the go!

The exhibition runs from 10 – 26 January. I invite you to check it out!!

So what’s the exhibition actual about …… here’s the blurb!!

EXCESS BAGGAGE – We all have it!! It exists in many forms.

To pack and unpack, rearrange, ponder, re-pack once more! laugh, stand on the scales, cry, double-check, squeeze in a bit more, zip, escape, write, dream, layer, sort, exit, wonder and reminisce…… we are all heavily over-packed as we travel to our destination unknown. Armed with just our excess baggage suitcases, all heavily laden and saturated with unavoidable temptations, the weight of life and indulgent necessities, the trips taken are what have bonded us in our work as we search for a ticket to ride – excessively!

In this exhibition, artists Lisa Bowden, Naomi Byrne, Arianne Flora, Jaye Quin and Jan Withers take flight and explore the notion of ‘excess baggage’ as they travel to destination unknown. Much like we arrange our travel suitcases, ideas have been packed and unpacked, rearranged, layered and then worked into exquisite jewellery, conceptual handcrafted books, lovingly rendered illustration, bold mixed media works and suggestive paintings on found objects that capture the idea of reminiscence and journey.

Bit Shady (sold)The secret to being very big is actually to be very small (sold)Excess Baggage - Opening Night 10/1/2014Freedom Chick (sold)PigeonholedIt's never just coffee with the girls (sold)DiscoshipWhen the mist finally risesBad Applesphoto 2[5]

We're just a small gang (sold)Stop sending me mixed messages (sold)HooDeaD Monkey (sold)If you’re going to ride the horse, you have to hold the reins (sold)Be like earth, be like fire, be like water, be like wind (sold)photo 2[3]Naughties and CrossesBehind every fear there is always a mountainous wishConvicted (sold)Read between the lines (sold)


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