Gallery 2013 -14

Artwork featured below was exhibited in Excess Baggage: 10 – 26 January, 2014 at the Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery, Fremantle, Perth

Excess Baggage - small worksExcess Baggage - Opening Night 10/1/2014HooDeaD Monkey (sold)

Bit Shady (sold)


Be like earth, be like fire, be like water, be like wind (sold)Behind every fear there is always a mountainous wishThumbelina (sold)Bad ApplesWe're just a small gangConvictedIf you’re going to ride the horse, you have to hold the reins (sold)Naughties and CrossesThe secret to being very big is actually to be very small (sold)PigeonholedIt's never just coffee with the girls (sold)Read between the lines (sold)When the mist finally risesStop sending me mixed messages (sold)

Artwork featured below was exhibited in Kerbrtractions and Distractions: 8 – 14 April, 2014 at the Kurb Gallery, Northbridge,Perth

Wheel decisions - sold

I think about more than I forget


Sometimes the prince has four legs

Pirates Delight - sold

A true geisha can stop a man in his tracks - sold

Checkmate - sold

Invisible threads are the strongest ties - sold

Fists of fury - sold

photo 5[1]

photo 4[2]

photo 3[1]

Spells trouble - sold

Kerbtractions and Distractions - Kurb Gallery 2014

Everything that drowns me makes me want to fly - SOLD

Dark Noise - sold

Ratut rides - SOLD

I sniff some painting happening - sold

Shady 1 - sold

Seeing the value of a moment

All artworks featured on this page are Copyright Lisa Bowden 2013 -14


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