Gallery 2012

Greed and Breed - soldCrushed Series - soldDicey Micey -soldScissor Happy MarilynThings don't always go to planSniff 'n' RunCrushed Tigress - sold

We even cry the same colour - soldCrushing thoughts - soldSkulletons in the closetPinbones - soldoops she did it again!! - soldBil and BenJesus ...what was I thinking?Fetching Jack and JillThere's no use in praying

Party FeetShear Reggae (detail)seriously monkeyEight you - sold

Pinball - soldoopsSlippin - sold

Pinprick - sold

What's the Hurry! - sold




Delux Dreams - soldSSSSSSSssssssss - soldShear ReggaeDelux Dreams (detail) - sold

Set in stone seriesLittle Miss Tuffet - sold

donkey - sold






Artwork Copyright Lisa Bowden 2012


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