Bringing art to the PUBLIC!

I think we are in the luckiest city in the world at the moment. Perth walls and laneways are getting a serious overhaul. This month sees 45 amazing artists arrive over 9 days to paint 30 walls, all part of PUBLIC – a program designed to celebrate urban art and to foster more dialogue between creativity and the sharing of it, with the public.

Tired, lifeless walls, albeit with history and interesting textures are being transformed with colour, pattern, symbols and stories, many with intriguing underlying narratives, cultural references, drama, playfulness and each equally saturated with the street artist’s love for either painting, digital art, installation, projections and clearly their passion to share with Perthites!

Over the past few days I have had the pleasure and honour to meet with and talk to several of these artists, some local and many from interstate and overseas. Form‘s  invitation to explore the Art in the City program is a MUST and has so far taken me to Murray Street and Wolf Lane to experience the work in progress by artists – Phlegm (UK), Roa (Belgium), Lucas Grogan (Melbourne), Maya Hayuk (USA), Hyuro (Argentina), Jordan Sieler (USA), BC Heavy (USA), Phibs (Sydney), The Yok (Perth/USA) and Sheryo (Singapore/USA), Stormie Mills (Perth), Jetsonorama (USA), Kyle Hughes-Odgers (Perth) and Last Chance Studios (Perth).

This is history in the making! Perth people you need to indulge in this experience and get in amongst the city walls and laneways to watch, chat with and appreciate these incredible, visionary artists as they share their art with us all….. and all for FREE. Rarely do these kind of opportunities present, our city is embracing and promoting collectively the wealth of talent we have right here in Perth at the moment!

Here is my first post of what I have enjoyed to date which hopefully captures for you some of the hub of activity in Perth that perhaps you have not had the chance to witness……. Seen through my humble camera lens …….here we go ….in the beginning there was ……signage…..blank walls, inspiration in the air…. skeletal sketches, first marks and the beaming Perth sun!

photo 2 copyphoto 4[9]photo 4[6]

photo 1[5]



photo 5[6]






Phlegm, Maya Hayuk and Roa all hard at it creating large scale works below…… EWPs pumping up and down, the hiss of spray, a more appeasing sound than the usual city traffic and visual feasts emerging before my eyes…. the senses delighting in watching these artists bringing the walls to life.

photo 5[3]

photo 5[4]

photo 2[5]photo[1]

Wheat pasting on Murray Street with Jordan Sieler and in Tiger Tiger Coffee Bar with the very hip n groovy, Chip Thomas, better known as Jetsonorama. Checkout his shoes below ….. seriously the art of ‘soull!’

Jetsonorama’s story is quite incredible. I read that he was a doctor who left his career in favour of art. He started wheat pasting water tanks with portraits of Navajo people. The inspiration to be a street artist began in the 1980s, mainly driven by the hip hop culture, but it was the time spent in Brazil where he meet some street artists, that created the greatest impression. His photography are the sources for his wheat paste images. You can view more of his work at Chip Thomas photography. What a legend!

photo 5photo 5[2]CHIP THOMASphoto 4[2]



photo 3[4]



photo 3[5]

Beanz, Stormie’s adorably patient, supportive chihuahua and companion, has been supervising the site whilst Stormie paints his wall; the image he tells me references the idea of equilibrium. Whilst Lucas Grogan embroiders the metal surface near Bucket cafe with patterned paint stitches, in blue and white, and Hyuro offers up a wall of subtle, floating figures as if falling like autumn leaves down in Wolf Lane.

photo 2[8]

STORMIE MILLSLUCAS GROGANphotophoto 3[2]photo 3










Photography by Lisa Bowden


I have a crush!!






New paint cans to feature at Distractions and Kerbtractions exhibition this Saturday at Kurb gallery,[5]

photo[4] photo[2]photo



Copyright Lisa Bowden 2014

Distractions or Kerbtractions


Distractions or Kerbtractions

This weekend I showcase new work with groovy dude and fellow artist, Rene Brink. If you’re in the Northbridge area come check us out. Thanks to all our wonderful sponsors – Gage Roads, Little Caesar’s Pizzeria, Fitzgerald Print, Art Lab and Windows Estate for their support. Should be a great night!!

Excess Baggage …. we all have it!!

…….And we displayed it all at our Excess Baggage exhibition opening Friday 10 January. There were wooden crates, trunks, retro suitcases, nostalgic boxes and unique art lining the space with suggested notions of weight bearing ideas, thoughts, burdens, new year resolutions and ambitions. Guests arrived eagerly regardless of the heat and filled the beautiful Moore Building Contemporary Art Space quickly. Many snapped up artworks early in the evening and then went on to enjoy delectable bread, dips and dukkah, generously supplied by Bread in Common! Thanks guys!!

The art kept the patrons captive, drinks were flowing fast, served by our wonderful ‘air hostesses with the mostesses’ and the sales desk was under the pump all night. A pleasing, yet surprising night for me personally selling nearly all of my work on opening night! Thank you to all who purchased my work or even just became a fan….. I now have a few commissions on the go!

The exhibition runs from 10 – 26 January. I invite you to check it out!!

So what’s the exhibition actual about …… here’s the blurb!!

EXCESS BAGGAGE – We all have it!! It exists in many forms.

To pack and unpack, rearrange, ponder, re-pack once more! laugh, stand on the scales, cry, double-check, squeeze in a bit more, zip, escape, write, dream, layer, sort, exit, wonder and reminisce…… we are all heavily over-packed as we travel to our destination unknown. Armed with just our excess baggage suitcases, all heavily laden and saturated with unavoidable temptations, the weight of life and indulgent necessities, the trips taken are what have bonded us in our work as we search for a ticket to ride – excessively!

In this exhibition, artists Lisa Bowden, Naomi Byrne, Arianne Flora, Jaye Quin and Jan Withers take flight and explore the notion of ‘excess baggage’ as they travel to destination unknown. Much like we arrange our travel suitcases, ideas have been packed and unpacked, rearranged, layered and then worked into exquisite jewellery, conceptual handcrafted books, lovingly rendered illustration, bold mixed media works and suggestive paintings on found objects that capture the idea of reminiscence and journey.

Bit Shady (sold)The secret to being very big is actually to be very small (sold)Excess Baggage - Opening Night 10/1/2014Freedom Chick (sold)PigeonholedIt's never just coffee with the girls (sold)DiscoshipWhen the mist finally risesBad Applesphoto 2[5]

We're just a small gang (sold)Stop sending me mixed messages (sold)HooDeaD Monkey (sold)If you’re going to ride the horse, you have to hold the reins (sold)Be like earth, be like fire, be like water, be like wind (sold)photo 2[3]Naughties and CrossesBehind every fear there is always a mountainous wishConvicted (sold)Read between the lines (sold)

rawhide…..RAWhide!!! join the Perth art trail

This a snapshat of me at RAW:Perth…. Lots of fun!!!… are some of the photos from the install and on the night. Great opportunity to join the newest trail in town!! The next and last showcase  for the year happens soon – ENCOMPASS applications are now open!. Register your profile at to be considered!….more deets below..
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                      Thanks to the amazing Jess who took these fabulous photos!!!1379738_760865690597103_728576100_n


Hey all,

So Saturday night was the first ever Perth Raw Showcase, held at the Bakery in Northbridge. So chuffed to have been part of this inaugural event. Sharing a space with my new mate, Shrink – coolest dude I’ve met lately! You should check out his art!! The night was full of unexpected and diverse performers and entertainers – poetry reading, latex fashion shows, rawgasmic desserts, live art, burlesque babes, dancers and more. Ginger La Minge our groovy hostess with the mostess, drove the show all the way with her enthusiastic and dramatic introductions! Thanks Ginger! My crushed paint tins were a hit- sold ’em all!! Thank you to all my paint tin fans! Have to get cracking on more for the EXceSs BaGGage exhibition in January! PS – yeah I’m in a group exhibition at the Moores Building, Fremantle, 10 – 26 January, 2014 – Hope to see you all there!! Put that date in your social calendar!! Here are some pics of my showcase.Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 2.52.11 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 2.52.54 PM1385641_10201951293967016_123178325_n

Jason Bard Yarmosky

Who is my latest stalk?? … not only heavenly adorable and asethetically pleasing on the eye but an incredibly talented artist – Jason Bard Yarmosky. His works explore the idea of ageing…. scary to admit, but it’s now becoming more a part of my thinking these days …..His grandparents the main subjects of most of his work, willingly become the protagonists who relive their childhood dreams and fantasies, but in amongst this we see the road they have travelled as partners, best friends and lovers and even time has not defeated their energy or zest for life. Both my grandparents and parents have always always been of the greatest inspiration for me – their ambition, amazing work ethic, appreciation of others, respect, great sense of humour and true love for each other are qualities I see in Yarmosky’s art and I love it!! In some ways I see my own family in his works – like the characters in his art, their youthfulness remains strong. There is a great sense of nostaglia captured in each of his paintings and whilst these colourful costumes in combination with the characters appear a little quirky, it sets off the drifting mind reminding us we should always listen to our inner child.  Below are some of Yarmosky’s artworks. These images were derived from Yarmosky’s website –  http://www.jasonyarmosky.comImage

…… PS told you he was cute!!